My Story

Mary Gregory Scentsy Story Hello! I am so happy to share my Scentsy story with you. My journey began in December 2009 when I was introduced to this wonderful business opportunity by a daycare parent who brought it in to my home preschool. Always having been a big fan of scented candles, but unable to use them in child care due to the fire risk, Scentsy was a safe, flameless, sootless, wickless candle alternative that I could use! I fell in love at first sight of the beautiful array of ceramic warmers and at first sniff of the pleasant variety of strong scents.  Next, I leaped into being a consultant. I had never done a direct sales business in my life before this, but once again was very impressed with the Scentsy opportunity. It was easy to join at a low cost start up fee. After 8 short months, I made Director level and 16 months later my team has grown by leaps and bounds. My goal is to make Star Director and someday Super Star Director. YOU can do this too. I run a full time child care business in my home with up to 14 children and two teachers with me. I am a mom of three grown sons, two grandchildren so far and a wonderful Scentsy husband who is definitely a fulltime partner in our Scentsy business. And we still have plenty of time to do Scentsy successfully. Whether you want to buy the products, host a home or basket/catalog party, fundraiser or sell it like me, I am here for you. Please call me at 661-210-7617, or email me at  <!--endbody-->